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New Start Auto Loans has been in operation since 2007. We are best known for our unique “merit-based” lending approach where each application is assessed on the applicant’s merits and not against strict, inflexible lending policies. You can be assured that the final decision on an application will be made by a credit analyst, not a computer.

This allows us to approve loans others will not consider while still following all legislative guidelines required for our Australian Credit Licence.

We are not required to meet targets each month and will consider all applications and hear all genuine reasons from applicants about their current credit rating status.

Whether that is:
- Self-employed with clean credit rating but limited financials
- Having an impaired credit file due to a company downfall, accident or injury, marriage separation
or simply having been late on accounts due to a “rough patch”

Unlike our competitors, an application will not be referred amongst numerous staffers in different departments. A dedicated credit specialist can start and finish an application in the one seat. All New Start Auto Loans management and staff provide an unrivalled service for those who have credit impairments.

Our staff take great pride in providing a client with an opportunity to make their way back into the credit game. Without a New Start Auto Loans product many clients would simply not be able to obtain a loan. New Start Auto Loans is an Australian owned and operated family company serving the entire east coast of Australia.

We are a loyal and friendly team dedicated to delivering excellent customer service.  Collectively, we have over 44 years’ experience within the finance and auto industry.


A lot of businesses say it, we actually mean it. We are here to understand your financial picture and tailor a loan to suit your individual needs and fast, Something many other companies are unable to do, they have too many desks or departments an application must cross to gain an approval. Our analysts are very well trained and can make a preliminary assessment very quickly and will not lead you on, if we don’t have a product or partner that can help we will advise you as soon as we possibly can so as you have time to explore other options before your dreamed of asset is sold to someone else.

We are locals just like you. We focus our efforts on Northern New South Wales and Queensland. We use our local knowledge to your advantage during the approval process. We are however NOT limited to our local area, New Start Auto Loans has a National footprint with reputable Credit Representative and Introducers located throughout the country – NSW, Qld, WA, NT, VIC, TAS and SA. Our reach even stretches across the ditch to New Zealand. After being a locally grown company for so many years we have achieved some great relationships throughout the industry, with such a big dealer network we may even know of that rare or hard to locate vehicle you yearn to own.

Listening is what we do best. Stop relying on computer algorithms to make a loan decision and talk with someone who actually listens, learns your needs and wants and also understands the credit industry and its faults. At New Start Auto Loans we understand an invoice being paid late, a change of pay day or just plain old forgetting may cause a late payment or default. We understand that credit reporting can at times be harsh and only tell half the story, in these instances this is not the end of your endeavour for finance with the team at New Start Auto Loans, we specialise in tricky situations and have plenty of products to offer to those with credit impairment or unusual situations. We believe everyone deserves an opportunity and are happy to help that be achieved.

We really get to know your financial situation, so we are able to customise a financial product to your exact needs and objectives. If New Start Auto Loans doesn’t have a suitable package for your needs we have plenty of partners that just might have that missing product you need. We want to see your application satisfied even if that means passing it on, we really are here to help our clients. If New Start Auto Loans isn’t able to gain you an approval we can

We don't rely on computer scores to make our decisions for us, never have and never will. Instead, we talk with you and try to understand your real situation to make a decision. At New Start Auto Loans you will deal one 1 analyst from start to finish – 1 seat and 1 desk only. A personal experience to assist you to find that perfect loan for that perfect car, bike, boat, Jet ski or caravan.

We understand sometimes situations are urgent. We work with you and get our decision back to you as soon as possible – most of the time within a few hours and at times even sooner if the information required is at hand.

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